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Hello guests! Welcome to Dracomina Dragons RP! We're a fun-loving rpg site about dragons, we'd love to have you here. Currently, we're rather new, and are DEFINITELY looking for new members, so don't hesitate to join!

Dracomina Dragons RP is a forum about roleplaying, battling, and chatting. It's a great area for dragon lovers, and roleplayers!
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 Welcome beginners!

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Welcome beginners! Empty
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Hey there! Welcome to Dracomina Dragons RP! It is a website for role-playing and having fun. Here, you are a dragon in the land of Dracomina.There are many ranks to choose. Dragons are omnivores, plant and meat eaters.

So, let me give you a bit of history of Dracomina.
There were dragons that had come here thousands and millions of years ago. They were all the same, nothing varying except color, gender and size. They settled here in the different regions of the new land. This age was called the Beginning. Next, dragons formed groups, then clans, and joined together with others in that region. They had adapted, and changed. But fights turned into battles, and into war. The time was called the Warring. Territories were decided, and the fighting stopped. This was the era of Dracomina, as dragons said.

There are five separate dragon goddess, each worshiped by the tribes. They are





and Umbrimina,

plus Dracora, goddess of Dracomina.

The five tribes of Dracomina are named after the elements of sea, fire , land, sky and shade.

Aquea, tribe of the Aqueians, are good swimmers, with sea powers, bluish/greyish scales, 30-70 meters.

Igninia, tribe of the Igninians, are good attackers, with fire powers, reddish/orangish scales, 60-90 meters.

Terrima, tribe of the Terrimians, are good defenders, with land powers, greenish/brownish scales, 90-120 meters.

Aeroa, tribe of the Areoians, are good flyers, with sky powers, yellowish/whitish scales, 10-40 meters.

Umbria, tribe of the Umbrians, are good hunters, with shade powers, purplish/blackish scales, 70-100 meters.
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Welcome beginners!
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