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 Aquos, spawn of the deep.

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Aquos, spawn of the deep. Empty
PostSubject: Aquos, spawn of the deep.   Aquos, spawn of the deep. EmptySat May 02, 2015 10:27 pm

NOTE:This is Raven, sorry to make an alt so quickly, but I felt it would be a good idea, seeing as there are already three other leaders.

Dragon Name: Aquos
Gender: Female
Age(Use human years): 15
Personality: Aquos is naturally loud. She doesn't MEAN to make so much noise, she just does. She's constantly day-dreaming, but is a destructive force when angered. Her odd sense of humor is a mystery, and she's often fascinated by the prospect of new knowledge. She, however, is quick to anger and has a very short temper. She doesn't like running her tribe, and often forces the job upon her subordinates.
Likes: Drawing, reading, swimming, exploring
Dislikes: Leading her people, quarreling Terrianians, Ignians, Hatchlings.

Height: 30 feet tall.
Color: sky blue with indigo and cyan splashes.
Eye Color: Milky white and pupil-less
Horn/Spine Color: She has white horns and a turquoise spine.
Items/Jewelry: None

Tribe: Aqueians
Rank: Queen

Family: Some boring royal snobs that had been killed in a storm.
Mate: NO WAY!

Strengths: Aquos is a powerful swimmer and a good fighter, she is very good at coming up with plans.
Weaknesses: Aquos is very young and will let her people do what they want if they pester her enough. (To a certain point.) Her scales are slippery and thin, so they are easy to damage.
Combat style: She comes up with a plan or slides in from the side, but doesn't shy away from a brawl.
Magic Powers/Special Abilities: She can create large waves with her tail and breathe underwater. She can also breathe a freezing substance.
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Aquos, spawn of the deep. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Aquos, spawn of the deep.   Aquos, spawn of the deep. EmptySun May 03, 2015 1:18 pm

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Aquos, spawn of the deep.
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