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Hello guests! Welcome to Dracomina Dragons RP! We're a fun-loving rpg site about dragons, we'd love to have you here. Currently, we're rather new, and are DEFINITELY looking for new members, so don't hesitate to join!

Dracomina Dragons RP is a forum about roleplaying, battling, and chatting. It's a great area for dragon lovers, and roleplayers!
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 Me Mod Appy.

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Me Mod Appy. Empty
PostSubject: Me Mod Appy.   Me Mod Appy. EmptySun Jun 07, 2015 9:55 am


Activity:Every day for at least 30 min. (Unless I'm unable to get on 'cause of sister, brother, or parents)

Why should you be a mod: I should be a mod because I believe that I can help this site improve in any way I can. I am friendly (an important trait to me). Also, I think I should be a mod because I already have an understanding of the responsibility of being a Admin/Mod. (This is because of my other forumotions: http://waroftheangelsrp.forumotion.com  http://raininglight.forumotion.com  http://ageofpowerlegacies.forumotion.com).

What do you hope to achieve: I hope to offer assistance in any way/form/shape I can to everyone on this site. I also hope to be able to help newer members through some things they may need help in. I hope to help Dracomina Dragons RP reach greatness along side you, Kyraith, as your mod.

Anything else:As I stated before I am an Admin on many sites and I know the responsibility of being a mod. I want to experience the challenges being a mod presents first-hand. Also, I want to know that I am contributing to Dracomina Dragons, not being a burden.
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Me Mod Appy.
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