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 Kyraith, Leader of the Umbrians

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Kyraith, Leader of the Umbrians  Empty
PostSubject: Kyraith, Leader of the Umbrians    Kyraith, Leader of the Umbrians  EmptyMon Apr 20, 2015 8:26 pm

Dragon Name: Kyraith.
Gender: Female.
Age(Dragons, use human years): 18
Personality: Kyraith is a tempered, and slightly cruel leader. Yet in the eyes of a Umbrian, she is one of the best leaders ever, in organizing and strategy. She is fierce and loyal to her subjects, and will defend them to keep the Umbrians on of the strongest tribes.
Likes: Darkness, leading, fighting, moonlight.
Dislikes: Bright light, losing, traitors.

Height: 95 meters.
Color: Black, with Purple stripes.
Eye Color: Yellow.
Horn/Spine Color: Dark Purple.
Items/Jewelry: Several earrings, Spiked leg and tail bracers, a large, black necklace with silver jewels.

Tribe: Umbrian.
Rank: Queen/Leader.

Family: Unknown.
Mate: None, yet.
Hatchlings: None, yet.

Strengths: Darkness, flying, is strong yet fast.
Weaknesses: Blinding light.
Combat style: Sneakily and swift strikes.
Magic Powers/Special Abilities: Control shadows/darkness, transform into a large shadow creature when very, very angry, melt into shadows, control undead creatures(larger ones take focus).
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Kyraith, Leader of the Umbrians
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