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 Ranks of the Tribes

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Ranks of the Tribes Empty
PostSubject: Ranks of the Tribes   Ranks of the Tribes EmptyWed Apr 22, 2015 8:43 pm

Here are some of the ranks for different tribes! They are in order from  highest to lowest.

King/Queen: In command, tribe leader. Both mates, but can be one ruler.

Lord/Lady: second in command, take over for King/Queen sometimes. Only about 2-3 of each.

Princes/Princesses: Next leaders, parents are the King and Queen. Only about five or six max.

Elder: Retired from work. Only about five or six, help lead with King and Queen.

Medic: Healer of the tribe. Only one.

Guardian: Fighters and protectors, strongest dragons.

Hunter: Finds food, scouts territory for invaders, fastest dragons.

Smith: Craft armor, weapons, work with iron/steel and jewels.

Alchemist: Scientists, work with potions.

Miner: Get ores for Smiths.

Farmer: Gather crops to eat, and herbs for Alchemists.

Mentor: Teach trainees.

Apprentice: Future Guardians, Hunters, Smiths, or Alchemists.

Clutch-Watcher: Watches over hatchlings.

Hatchling: Baby dragons.
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Ranks of the Tribes
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