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 Yuuki, the Speed Demon

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PostSubject: Yuuki, the Speed Demon   Yuuki, the Speed Demon EmptySun May 03, 2015 2:02 pm

Dragon Name: Yuuki
Gender: Female
Age (Use human years): 19
Personality: She's a quick thinker and an instinctive dragon. She treads forward with caution, especially in battle. She can handle dangerous situations well, despite their often unfavorable conditions. An easy-going and calm leader, she has a sarcastic and smart sense of humor, and a laid-back demeanor, and loves adventure. She is the type that can make friends with everyone, and if not friendship, then at least respect. She is also willing to sacrifice things important to her to save her friends from danger. She can also be very strong-minded and equally stubborn. She can also be extremely intimidating, easily frightening weaker opponents with just her glare. It has been stated that she has a monstrous killing intent evident. Yuuki is also very perceptive, something she demonstrates by providing important and logical decisions at critical times and by evaluating the situation from an objective point of view. She is also fiercely loyal and protective of her tribe, and will keep them safe at all costs.
Likes: Leading, being fast, adventure, music
Dislikes: Being slow, traitors,

Height: 40 meters
Color: Silver, almost whtie
Eye Color: A dark, calculating stormy gray
Horn/Spine Color: Gold
Appearance: Yuuki is a lithe and lean silver-almost white-dragon. She has stormy gray eyes, and golden horns that curve backward from her head. The spines become more wispy-like as they cascade down her back, and her tail is feathered. She has larger-than-average wings and tail, which aids her balance. Her claws are a dark gray
Items/Jewelry: She wears silver lightweight (thin and flexible, yet still srong) armor, with lightweight arm-guards, shin-guards, gauntlet-claws, and boot-claw things. Her tail is also covered by this, but not her wings, which leave them out in the open and easy to attack.

Tribe: Aeorians
Rank: Queen

Family: N/A
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Strengths: She possesses great acrobatic and martial art skills, alongside astonishingly lightning fast reflexes and agility. She's excellent at claw-to-claw combat, as well as attacks that utilize speed. She's also greatly skilled with potions. Because she's so fast, she definitely needs to have precision and quick reaction time to be able to attack properly.
Weaknesses: She lacks strength (in which she makes up for speed). She is incapable of swimming, and will drown.
Combat style: Yuuki's fighting style revolve around ambushing techniques along with speed, strength, agility and quick reaction time. Using this fighting-style, she practices her famed "hit-and-run" tactics where she delivers powerful attacks to the opponent, moving at speeds that they can hardly keep up with. Although, she will use close combat.
Magic Powers/Special Abilities: Her greatest strength is her inhuman (indragon?) speed, able to instantly accelerate to and fly up to 760 mph. It is still unknown how much faster she can go than that.Additionally, she can fly backwards just as well. She is the fastest dragon of her tribe, possibly in the world. She can vibrate her molecules at extremely fast speeds, and be able to phase through solid objects.

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PostSubject: Re: Yuuki, the Speed Demon   Yuuki, the Speed Demon EmptySun May 03, 2015 3:59 pm

Approved. If I need to?
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Yuuki, the Speed Demon
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